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We are committed to providing you with the best. BF-Cab is committed to offering Clients the highest quality transportation services in town. As BF-CAB a necessity for mobility through a consistently prompt and secure experience offers one-click pick-up through a convenient mobile app, curb, backseat processing for complete security and the latest computer dispatch technology. BF-CAB is more than a business; we do everything we can to ensure all potential clients enjoy a reliable and secure ride around town. Wherever and whenever, BF-CAB is ready. Every day, we pick people up and drop them off in every part of the city – at their homes, offices, churches, schools, hostels, restaurants, hotels, medical appointments, shopping malls, grocery stores, to and from Kotoka International Airport, sporting venues and more destinations than you can count!.


Professional, reliable and dependable. BF-CAB's taxi and transportation service offers private door-to-door transportation with 24/7 dispatching. ensure the well being for both the drivers and clients. Besides providing the city-mandated background checks, acquiring vehicle-for-service permits, city taxi licenses and proof of insurance, the company is proud to announce that all BF-Cabs are now equipped with a dual camera lens system that insures both drivers and clients protection and records driver behavior.


We strive to treat our customers with the professional riding hospitality they are accustomed to!


Beautifying Your Body and Mind, Creativity At Its Peak, Beautifying Your Path and A Necessity For Mobility

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Victor Adepoju



Samuel Coffie

General Secretary